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Why Dance When You Could Lie on the Couch and Manufacture Cellulite, You Ask?? - Urban Beat Dance Co

Why Dance When You Could Lie on the Couch and Manufacture Cellulite, You Ask??

Because dancing is the coolest hobby around and:

  1. Great Exercise: the best exercise in the world… is the exercise you actually do. While getting up at 6:00 AM and running 10 miles is a great cardio workout – it’s only great if you actually do it. Dancing is better because you don’t have to force yourself to do it – it’s fun. In addition, it’s low impact and a great cardio workout because you keep your heart rate up for a solid hour or longer.
  2. Cheap: it’s much cheaper than going to a bar or restaurant (and much healthier). Unlike sports like sailing or skiing, it costs a measly $10/week (less than a movie with popcorn).
  3. Because you’ve always wanted to and it’s never too late to start learning
    to dance.
  4. Make New Friends: it’s a great way to meet tons of new people and make new friends.
  5. Get Out: it gives you something to do almost any night of the week (there are places to dance salsa or swing almost every night of the week in Vancouver.
  6. Tune Up and Unleash Your Mojo
  7. A Passport to the World: you can go to virtually any city in the world and instantly be able to meet the locals. If you’re a salsa dancer from Vancouver and you visit Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Havana or – even Calgary – you can instantly meet the locals at the local dance venues and you don’t even need to speak the language!
  8. Talk About Speed Dating: it’s the best way to meet people. Where else do get thrown into the arms of 25 new people without the need for pickup lines, bars or dates from hell. We know of a number of couples who met and married while taking our classes. There are too many briefer liaisons to count.
  9. Live Life: unlike watching a movie or TV, you’re living life rather than watching others live life.

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