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West Coast Swing Dancing

West Coast Swing is Hip and Fun West Coast Swing is Smooth and Groovy West Coast Swing is Slow and Romantic
  What Our Classes Look Like  
Watch our teacher, Pam, perform   Watch Graeme and Pam dance - lead/follow
  • …IS a partner dance (no partner required, tons of singles)
  • …IS incredibly practical: you can dance it to almost any music: Top 40, blues, Hip Hop, R n’ B, big band, jazz, country – you name it.
  • …IS a foundation dance and a great place for beginners to start
  • …IS very popular in Vancouver (& virtually every city in North America)
  • …IS famous for giving women much more freedom than other dances
  • …IS incredibly improvisational
  • …IS AC/DC (more advanced women learn to lead and men learn to follow)

Double your classes (no extra charge)

As we have two Funky Swing classes running at the same time, once you’ve paid for one series – say Sunday – you can also attend the Tuesday class for no extra charge. This gives you a great deal more flexibility and practice time.

History of West Coast Swing (Funky Swing)

West Coast Swing is a contemporary style of swing developed forty years ago on the West Coast – California. It spread throughout the US and is now the most popular form of swing dancing in North America with WC swing clubs in most North American cities. Its popularity stems from the amazing variety of styles: it can be slow and elegant, silky and sensual, hip and funky, fast and furious. It has been danced with a nightclub, ballroom, or country style depending upon the region you’re in, the music playing or your mojo.

West Coast Swing (Funky Swing) Dance Class Levels


Requires no experience. You will learn all the foundation steps for this dance) as well as the principles of ‘connection’, leading and following. This class teaches only 100% leadable moves.


Requires 6-8 weeks training minimum. This class teaches only 100% leadable moves. In Level 2 you will learn all the basic whips (whip, inside whip, outside whip with and without spins, locked whip and tummy whip with and without spins) as well as dancing to the music – hitting breaks, playing and syncopating.


Students are expected to know all the basic whips, spins and how to hit breaks. In level 3 you will learn more advanced variations on both six and eight count rhythm patterns as well as style. . Level 3 is an ongoing class with new material taught every series. There’s no reason why you can’t stay in Level 3 for several series and always be learning new material. The Level 3 class emphasizes leadable practical moves that require less practice than the Level 4 class does. Because you are a good dancer does not mean you should move to an Level 4 class.

Please note: Level 4 does not mean ‘better’.


(Advanced for the ‘dance nut’) is not the next logical step after doing level 3 – even if you’ve done it several times. This class is for ‘dance nuts’ only and is beyond the ability of the average dancer. It requires at least 10 months training (at least), good technique, completion of at least two series of level 3, the ability to lead/follow level 3 material EASILY, controlled spinning technique, permission from the instructor and – most importantly – weekly practice (above and beyond the class itself). This class is mainly taught by Pamela Podmoroff, one of Canada’s top competitive dancers. If you cannot say yes to all those requirements, level 4 will not make you a better dancer.

Please note: Going into a very challenging class without being prepared for it, will confuse and disorient you and your skills will degrade – not improve.


Ladies – do you ever get tired of being totally dependent on guys who may only know two moves? Never being able to express yourself? In West Coast Swing dancing, it’s different. If the leader only knows one basic step, a good follower can have fifty different responses to it. She can express herself and the music. Guys can stop feeling everything depends upon him. Wheww!

If you want to dance with control and style, you must take a weekly class which allows you to dance regularly. We emphasize Street Swing Dancing – all lead and follow (not impractical or choreographed steps) that enable you to dance well with any West Coast dancer, no matter what their style.

Followers, you’ll learn the four principles of following West Coast Swing dancing that will enable you to follow 90% of all steps even though you haven’t learned more than 10% of them. This allows you the freedom to work on what you should you be learning – STYLE!


Guys – do you ever get tired of doing all the work in social dancing? Always being totally responsible for everything that happens? Always thinking, planning, leading her, watching traffic and dancing your own steps? It can be exhausting.

If you want to dance with control and style, you must take a weekly class which allows you to dance regularly. We emphasize Street Swing – all lead and follow (not impractical or choreographed steps) that enable you to dance well with any West Coast Swing dancer, no matter what their style.

Leaders, you’ll actually learn how to tell what moves are leadable and you’ll understand why by following the 85% rule.

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