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Sunday Swing - Urban Beat Dance Co

Sunday Swing

927 Granville St.June 23Daniel/Midori8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.June 30Zoltan8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.July 7Zoltan8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.July 14Zoltan/Elizabeth8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.July 21Daniel8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.July 28James8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.Aug 4Zoltan/Elizabeth8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.Aug 11James8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.Aug 18Inna8:30-10:30ish$5
927 Granville St.Aug 25Zoltan8:30-10:30ish$5

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