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Student Rights & Obligations - Urban Beat Dance Co

Student Rights & Obligations

Your Rights:

  • You have a right to a teacher who is an expert at the dance he/she
    is teaching.
  • More importantly you have a right to a teacher who is an expert at
    teaching average people : someone who knows how to break things down
    element by element, step by step. Bear in mind that most great dancers
    have no idea how to teach the average person
  • You have a right to a lot of reviewing: studies have been done on
    memory, you must learn things at least three times in order to retain
    them. That’s why we do so much reviewing.
  • You have a right to a teacher who is always patient.
  • You have a right to always be treated with respect by both teachers
    and other students – no matter how slow you may learn.
  • You have a right to learn to dance in a fun, supportive environment
  • You have a right to a refund (immediately after your first class only) – no explanation is required.

Your Obligations:

  • You have an obligation to be polite and not criticize other students, hit on them or make them uncomfortable (giving advice is the teacher’s job, not yours.) If someone asks you for help, by all means, but if they don’t ask – zip it!
  • You have an obligation to listen when the teacher is talking : students often have so much fun in our classes that they’re still happily chatting away when the teacher is speaking. This makes it impossible for the people around you to hear the teacher. In addition, you’ve just missed critical information about how to improve whatever we’re doing. The number one reason students have difficultly learning is not lack of ability but poor listening skills. We see it time and time again.

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