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Salsa is very flashy, sensual and sometimes overtly sexual in style. Originating from the Cuban Mambo and influenced by both African and Latin American music, Salsa is Mambo’s ‘streety’ descendant.

As Salsa is a nightclub street dance, rather than a formal dance (ie. Ballroom) where the steps are agreed upon, salsa dancing has many different styles.

Salsa Dance teachers often teach slightly different basics; for example, some people start or ‘break’, as it’s called, on the 1 beat, the 2 beat or even the 3 beat.

The easiest and most common beat to start on is the 1 beat, which is why we teach starting on the 1 beat.

It’s best to think of the dance as having several “basic” steps rather than just one basic step. These would include a “forward and backward” basic step and a “side to side” basic step. The forward and backwards style of basic Salsa step is by far the most common in Vancouver.

Because it is the most common, basic Salsa step in Vancouver we emphasize the forward and backwards version although in our beginner classes you will learn both.

Remember that good dancers learn technique. Mediocre dancers learn steps. No matter how many steps you learn, you will always feel uncomfortable and look out of control unless you understand the principles of ‘connection’ (following/leading) and good dance technique.

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