Urban Beat Dance Co

All ages, body shapes & levels of klutziness find their inner Pussycat Doll with Karoline (Check out her dancing here) of the Urban Beat Dance Co.!

Pussycat Doll Style borrows from a variety of styles from Burlesque to Hip Hop ..with a sexier ‘urban flava’.

I don't care if you want to find your Inner Pussycat Doll -- No Boys Allowed!

Our class is geared to women of all ages and body shapes who all share one thing in common – a desire to reclaim their natural sexiness. The routines are sensual, playful and just plain fun.  It is both a workout and a chance to try out sexy in a safe and supportive environment.

Give it a try with Karoline  (www.karolinedania.com). Remember you can always get a refund after the first class if it’s not for you.

We now have a beginners and an intermediate class with Karoline.

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