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Accessory dances are dances that are done only occasionally by more experienced dancers while foundation dances are dances that are commonly done in Vancouver nightclubs.

For example, Salsa dancing is extremely popular in Vancouver so Salsa is a foundation dance. Salsa dancers will also frequently learn accessory dances that are only occasionally played at salsa clubs – like merengue, cha cha, tango or bachata.

Swing dancers in Vancouver will commonly start with Clubstyle dancing or West Coast Swing dance classes. Once they get comfy with Swing dancing, they may work on dances that are only occasionally played at swing dance clubs like East Coast swing, Nightclub Two Step, Cha cha or Tango.

The bottom line is that you should first get comfy with Foundation Dances like Salsa dancing, Swing dancing or Hip Hop dancing before considering the less commonly done and therefore less practical accessory dances.

The accessory dances we teach will change periodically. Sign-up for our confidential email list to be notified when we teach accessory dances.

Country 2 Step

Description coming soon!

Cha Cha Dancing

Originally known as the Cha-Cha-Cha, this dance became popular in the 1950’s. Cha Cha is an offshoot of the Mambo. In the slow Mambo tempo, there was a distinct sound in the music that people began dancing to, calling the step the “Triple” Mambo. Eventually it evolved into a separate dance, known today as the Cha Cha.

There are 3 main forms of Cha Cha danced in North America today. The first two are Ballroom dancing versions – American Style Cha Cha and International Style Cha Cha – and are done in ballrooms. The third is Nightclub Style Cha Cha – a much more relaxed, natural looking dance style done, obviously, in nightclubs or at swing dance or salsa dancing venues. Nightclub Style Cha Cha is what we teach.

Again this is an accessory dance for both swing dancers and salsa dancers. Unfortunately, the cha cha is not played as often or as commonly danced to in Vancouver as swing music or salsa music.

Belly Dancing

This ancient, middle eastern form of seductive dance is danced without a partner. In Urban Beat Dance Co. Belly Dance Classes women of ALL body types will learn to embrace their natural curves and sensuality while getting good exercise and having fun with their teacher – Nina D (nina-d.com).  All you need to bring is a scarf (for your hips) and the desire to try something new!

Ballroom Dancing

In most ballroom dance series you are introduced to the nine dances that comprise ‘ballroom’ over 8 classes. Most students never get comfy with even one of the standard ballroom dances and can barely remember the basic steps. We are going to touch on dancing the waltz but we’ll concentrate on the two most practical dances for most situations: the Fox-trot and Jive.

Bachata Dancing

Bachata, a form of music and dance that originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of Dominican Republic. Its subjects are often romantic; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak and sadness. In fact, the original term used to name the genre was “amargue” (“bitterness,” or “bitter music”), until the rather ambiguous (and mood-neutral) term bachata became popular. It has been compared to the blues.

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