Urban Beat Dance Co

Men and Women Welcome, B-Boys & B-Girls of All Ages Welcome!

For the devout, hip hop is a lifestyle that you express in what/how you wear, talk, sing, and dance. Hip hop culture emerged in the early 1970’s from NY City ghettos and is now an art form that has mainstream appeal. You can see its influence in popular clothing stores, MTV pop videos, and movies.

Hip hop dancing is constantly changing and influenced by many regions and styles. Common types of moves in hip hop are: b-boying / b-girling, uprocking, locking, popping, and glides. A recent shift in hip hop dancing has been from spontaneous improvisation to choreography, attributed in part to an explosion of video performance and commercial interests.

Hip hop dance has gained worldwide popularity on the heels of Rap / R&B musical artists’ success. It is a non-partner dance that features ‘streety’ dance moves. (See the music videos of Hip Hop and Pop artists like Nelly, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Puff Daddy, etc.)

Unlike most ‘beginner’ Hip Hop classes around town, our class concentrates on breaking the moves down slowly so that people with no Hip Hop experience can keep up. We run the classes for a series so that we can work on routines for several weeks and add new material at an appropriate pace so that students can improve their dancing and have a sense of accomplishment.

The material for this class always changes every session, so people can take it several times and never repeat material. If you want to move up to a more advanced level, you should take this dance class series at least twice before thinking of moving up as an Intermedaite Hip Hop dance class requires much more experience.

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