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Four Unique Reasons To Love Us - Urban Beat Dance Co

Four Unique Reasons To Love Us

  1. Flexible Attendance: Miss a class? No problem.  We offer this unique deal: join any class and you can attend any class in the same style and level on another day. Say you join beginners Swing on Sunday.  You can also attend beginners Swing on Tuesday for no extra charge.
  2. Beginner/Klutz Friendly: The main reason students have trouble learning to dance is mediocre teaching.  Just because you’re a wonderful dancer doesn’t mean you know how to teach.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  Talk to your friends or watch any of our classes and talk to our students. We’ve taught thousands of beginners successfully and that’s why Vancouver magazine called us “Vancouver’s Best Instructors. Their students praise them intensely.”
  3. Try A Class – No Risk: Commitment Issues? Try a class first. Pay the whole fee before the class begins. That tells us you’re serious. Then, if unhappy for any reason, or it’s just not your thing, you’re welcome to a refund right after the first class – minus the cost of one class.  No questions asked.  By the 2nd class, there are no refunds.
  4. Free Dances, Free Videos, Free Notebooks: Our beginners can attend our weekly Swing dances for free.  We supplement most classes with videos and/or notebooks covering the material you learn in class

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