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Dance Lingo

DANCE OBJECT /dans ˈäbjəkt/ (noun): any dancer who will put out for you and satisfy you regularly – in dance, that is. If you and it commonly arrive and leave together, they’re called a dance ‘wife’ or a dance ‘husband’. After a dance divorce, they’re called ex’s. Often, they last longer than real husbands and are much more enthusiastic than real wives.

PLAYING DOCTOR: a leader and follower who take turns syncopating or doing shines; i.e. you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

FOREPLAY: letting her get a few basics and 90% steps in before trying to impress her with your heavy moves. Also known as “Buying her a drink first’.

AC/DC: anyone who leads AND follows. They get lucky twice as often.

DANCE CHUBBY: a dance chubby refers to that brief moment of dance excitement when your partner does something really cool, and turns you on – dancewise, that is.

GIVING GOOD HAIR: any follower who uses her hair to hit breaks in the music by simulating a Harlequin Heroine in a moment of passion. This, in turn, sometimes causes dance chubbys.

THE TRAFFIC COP: never actually dancing himself, this curious individual just leads the follower through a bunch of arm heavy moves while standing in the same spot and faking his footwork.

RAT ON A TREADMILL: what a good dancer feels like when she dances with a traffic cop. THE WANKER: any dancer who shows off while ignoring his/her partner.

THE DICTATOR: a leader who doesn’t lead but commands. Rather than his leads suggesting, “Please do a whip”, they instead command, “Ve vill do zee whip NOW!”

WEEKEND WORKSHOP WONDER. Dancers who’ve learned to massacre a dance by trying to learn it in weekend workshops. Beginners like weekend workshop because they seem like a short-cut and they are very time-efficient. But 5 hours of lessons in a weekend is a terrible way to learn. Generally, after the second hour of a workshop, you can’t remember half of what you’ve learned, and by the fourth hour you can’t even remember the basic step anymore.

Teachers like weekend workshops because they are a great way to make money and the teachers never have to correct the horrible results. Studies on memory have shown that you need to learn something 3 times in order to remember it. Weekly classes – which emphasize lots of repetition – are the only way to learn how to dance properly.

THE BALL AND CHAIN: any follower who uses this fatal phrase, ” I don’t need lessons, I can follow if he can lead.” While this is somewhat true – a really good leader can lead an untrained follower to some extent – why should he? Good leaders (like good followers) have their pick of partners. Would you want to dance with someone who expects you to do all the work – lasso her when she’s out of control, keep her on time and basically do all of her dancing for her? Instead, he will just dance with someone who cares enough to at least try to do their part – learn to connect properly, learn the principles of following, etc. – so that their dance together is a fun partnership, not a pain in the butt.

THE ORALLY FIXATED DANCER: a dancer who gives you advice on the dance floor. Their patterns are so specialized and unleadable that they feel compelled to substitute orally for their inadequacies, i.e. talking/giving advice/lessons when you haven’t asked for it.

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