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Club Freestyle Dancing

Freestyle Dancing is dancing without rules or even – a partner. Sometimes it’s called club dancing or house dancing. Freestyle Dancing is the way most people dance in nightclubs. While you may dance freestyle with a partner in front of you, you aren’t touching that partner. Instead you’re doing your own ‘thing’, shaking your butt, finding your own groove.

Freestyle is normally danced to house music, hip hop music, or pop music – whatever is playing – in the nightclub you’re in. While freestyle dancing is commonly done all over the world, there are many people who find dancing freestyle – without rules – to be very hard.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your rhythm! This Freestye Dance Class is for you or anyone wanting to find, then shake their butt to popular music at nightclubs. People with two left feet are encouraged to join our Freestyle Dance class.

Freestyle Dance classes at the Urban Beat Dance Co. seem to be more popular with men who often find dancing freestyle difficult and just want a few guidelines. It’s good exercise and good dance training as it loosens up your body, which is beneficial for all dances.

Pamela Podmoroff will help you learn how to freestyle in a fun and forgiving atmosphere with a minimum of embarrassment. Students will get together with the teacher to actually go out to a club to practice after the last class. Klutzes are welcome.

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