Urban Beat Dance Co
 DJed by James Atwill …with a little influence by Elizabeth


July 7th — 8:45-11ish

West Coast Swing dance night.


Celebrate this significant birthday with Elizabeth and Pam by dancing!    Elizabeth is turning 45; Pam is turning — ahem! — 29…..

Music will be mostly contemporary but we will also be honouring the last 45 years by playing danceable songs throughout the evening from all those decades — the 60`s on up…..Nancy Sinatra, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Eyed Peas, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt….


Want to give us a birthday present?  Come dance!

Usual $5.    Location: Urban Beat:   927 Granville St.

Sunday July 7th  

starts at 8:45pm…until 11ish

Do you miss “livin’ la vida loca”  or wonder if “I’m too sexy” for this generation?   Then maybe it’s time that you, “Baby, got Back”…to the 90’s that is… by dancing at our 90’s west coast swing night this Sunday, June 16th , 8:45pm where you can show that  “Groove is in the heart”  by  “Gettin’ jiggy wit it”.     James Atwill will be bring us some “Smooth” tunes and you can thank him for his inclusive DJ attitude:  “Everything I do, I do it for you”.

Usual $5.    Location: Urban Beat:   927 Granville St.

Sunday swing classes are all running on May 19th as usual.

West Coast Swing dance this Sunday is on — James Atwill is DJing.  Runs 8:45-11ish.

Cost is $5.   Location:  927 Granville St., Vancouver BC.


Our pussycat doll dance class is also on this Monday, May 20th.




Urban Beat’s Sunday dance,April 14th
80’s Night!

Dave 1985

It was the 80s. Prince still had a name and ‘like a Virgin’ was shocking. We still knew people’s last names. Back when videos killed the radio star. Well if you can remember it…..then this is going to be the night for you.

$5, everyone welcome
West Coast swing dancing
DJ — James Atwill and Elizabeth Hudgins
Sunday April 14th — 8:30pm-11ish
927 Granville St., 2nd fl

Feel free to dress the part but personally, I suggest you leave your leg warmers at home. The studio is hot enough…..


Urban Beat’s Tuesday dance, April 16th
$3, everyone welcome
West Coast swing dancing
DJ — Michael Jones
927 Granville St., 2nd fl

Easter Weekend — Holiday schedule

There are NO classes on Sunday, March 31st or Monday, April 1st.
Also, our dance mixer is cancelled for Sunday March 31st.
Happy Easter!

(all classes and dances resume again on Tuesday April 2nd)

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