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From its origins in Argentina, comes the dramatic and intimate partner dance, the Argentine tango. Definitely different from the ballroom versions of Tango, the Argentine Tango is the original form. The Argentine Tango was danced in bars, cafes, gambling house and ‘quilimbos’ – or brothels. It was also outlawed by the government for many years!

Most dancers use Tango as an accessory dance to complement their other dances BUT for a few Tangueros, this is the main course, even their obsession, and they meet at ‘Milongas’ – dance salons – and they dance the Tango all night long.

While the committed beginner can succeed at this dance it is a more difficult dance than many, and we suggest starting with a foundation dance like swing dancing or salsa dancing before learning to dance the Argentine Tango.

Beginners should start with Elizabeth’s tango series; more advanced tango dancers may want to join her for the drop-in classes and milonga (dance) on Tuesday nights at La Tangueria Esposito.


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