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Posted on April 12th, 2013 by Elizabeth

Urban Beat’s Sunday dance,April 14th
80’s Night!

Dave 1985

It was the 80s. Prince still had a name and ‘like a Virgin’ was shocking. We still knew people’s last names. Back when videos killed the radio star. Well if you can remember it…..then this is going to be the night for you.

$5, everyone welcome
West Coast swing dancing
DJ — James Atwill and Elizabeth Hudgins
Sunday April 14th — 8:30pm-11ish
927 Granville St., 2nd fl

Feel free to dress the part but personally, I suggest you leave your leg warmers at home. The studio is hot enough…..


Urban Beat’s Tuesday dance, April 16th
$3, everyone welcome
West Coast swing dancing
DJ — Michael Jones
927 Granville St., 2nd fl

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